Can I just turn up and pay on the night?
Short answer, No.
It’s important for us to know how many people are coming so that pitches don’t get too full, and 2nd pitches can be booked where applicable. A ticket to the event needs to have been purchased if you wish to play on the night.

How do I pay?
Just select the Kickabout you want to attend, add a ticket for the specific event to your basket, and pay with any major credit or debit card.

What if I’m unfit or haven’t played in a while?
No problem at all.
Team Kickabout is all about going at your own pace and enjoying yourself. We’ve had lots of Dads that use Team Kickabout as the perfect way to sharpen up and get in better shape after a while away from exercise. There are no fitness, size or weight restrictions at all.
For some, it’s not about fitness at all, just getting out of the house and enjoying yourself with no pressure

I’d like to get involved, but I’ve never played football.
It’s never too late to learn!
We understand that this set up may well appeal to those who fancy the social side of it, but have never played. Those people are just as welcome as anyone else, and it’s amazing to watch people get better and better as the weeks go by.

I’m a little anxious about turning up and not knowing anybody.
Everyone there has been in the same boat.
It can be daunting turning up at a whole new venue and not knowing anybody, but there is no better icebreaker than football! Your Captain will introduce themselves right away, talk you through everything and answer any questions you may have. Once you’re 5 minutes into the match though, you’ll just find yourself enjoying the football and the friendly vibe.

I’m not a dad, can I play?
No unfortunately.
Team kickabout was set up specifically for dads mental health, and dads are exclusively who we’re here for.

How do I find other Kickabouts close to me?
Just got to the “Kickabouts” tab and you’ll see all the different locations there that we have to offer!

Can I attend more than one kickabout a week?
How many you want to attend is completely up to you. Each Kickabout you attend will need its own ticket purchasing for it though.

Is this a league?
Each event is its own independent match. Scores and results aren’t carried over from one week to the next.

Do I have to play every week?
We don’t ask for any commitments in terms of signing up to a certain amount of kickabouts. You play whenever you feel like it and tickets are available to purchase for your desired Kickabout.

What footwear is appropriate?
It depends on the venue.
Ask your captain and they’ll let you know but it’s usually either 3G or 4G pitches.

Do I need shinpads?
Although sliding is not allowed, sometimes you can get your ankle caught by a standing tackle, it is football after all, and sometimes it just happens. If you feel more comfortable wearing them, then you’re free to do so, but they aren’t required.

Is the time on the Event actually kick off time?
No, it’s 15 minutes after.
We encourage people to get there early so that Teams can be picked and players can get warmed up properly

I know a great venue for a Kickabout, how do I set one up near me?
Drop us an email office@teamkickabout.com with details on location and venue you have in mind, and we’ll take a look to see if it’s a viable option.

Any going to the pub after?
Most of the time!
Just ask your captain at the end and they’ll let you know who’s heading where for a bevi.