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Team Kickabout is a Community Interest Company and reliant on weekly ticket sales and sponsors to help us keep on providing Kickabouts to Dads across the North West.

Shirt Sponsors

Pal Hire

PAL Hire is a leading provider of hire services to the construction and associated industries. Committed to quality, reliability, and customer service, PAL Hire offers a comprehensive range of equipment and services to meet the diverse needs of its clients.

PAL Hire is committed to supporting projects that have a profound impact on mental health, especially within the industries they serve. According to recent statistics from industry research and mental health organisations, the construction industry has long struggled with mental health issues, particularly among its predominantly young male workforce. The construction sector exhibits significantly higher rates of depression, anxiety, and suicide when compared to the general population, often attributed to the demanding and high-pressure nature of the job.


·         Suicide Rates: Studies show that construction workers are at significantly higher risk of suicide, with rates approximately three times that of the average population.


·         Stigma Surrounding Mental Health: Men, especially in traditionally male-dominated industries like construction, often face stigma and a reluctance to seek help for mental health issues, which can exacerbate the problem.


The Power of Social Connection and Conversation for Mental Health


Team Kickabout's mission goes beyond recognition; it is about creating a safe space where fathers, irrespective of their profession, can come together, engage in social activities, and open up about their mental health challenges. Experts emphasise the significant impact of open conversation and social connection on mental health:


·         Social Connection: Socialising has been proven to reduce feelings of isolation and loneliness, often precursors to mental health challenges. The camaraderie and support of a group like Team Kickabout can provide a vital social lifeline for fathers.


·         Mental Health Benefits: Open and honest conversations about mental health can help individuals understand that they are not alone in their struggles. Sharing experiences and seeking advice from peers can help improve mental well-being and resilience.


"Team Kickabout's remarkable journey and dedication to supporting people, irrespective of their circumstances, is truly commendable," stated Dan Daintry, Director at PAL Hire."We are honoured to collaborate with an organisation that has received recognition for its positive impact on our community. Together, we aim to raise awareness and provide a safer, more supportive environment for fathers facing mental health challenges."

For more information about PAL Hire, please visit: https://www.palhire.co.uk/


Our Charity Sponsors.

Andy's Man Club

Has anyone attended Andy's Man Club?
An organisation that needs no introduction I assume, Andy's Man Club run Monday night peer groups for men to talk about any aspect of life in a relaxed, friendly, supportive environment.


Teamdad is a peer to peer support group based on Facebook and supports dads all around lancashire, its a great group of guys who help and support each other through the thick and thins of parenthood as as a massive part of teamkickabout its amazing to see them on the shirt again for a second time

Construction Q

Construction Q are award winning Chartered Quantity Surveyors who work on commercial, public sector, heritage and luxury private residential construction schemes across the North West.
As a professional cost consultancy, we provide a bespoke service to our clients. Our professional and friendly team ensure that all clients receive a personal service, making us the go to choice for cost control.
With over 100 years of combined experience within the sector, our team can easily adapt to suit each individual client’s requirements.
We pride ourselves on customer service. Our professionalism and value for money is unbeatable; it’s what we do.
To have a company like Construction Q on board is another amazing local company that takes pride in supporting local communities and events. I can't wait to see their name on our shirts

Banks Flooring Solutions

Having provided our services to the local community for many years now, we have built up a reputation for offering a committed and reliable service.
Everything we offer comes to us from well known industry brands who are well known for offering a quality covering for floors. Some of these brands include Karndean, Amtico, Harvey Maria, Polyflor, and Luvanto
We are flooring experts offering a huge range of both domestic and commercial flooring services to Preston and the surrounding North West area.
Banks have always been supporters of Teamkickabout from simply just asking how things are going to making a donation to help with getting new supplies so we are ever so happy to have Banks as one of our shirt sponsors this year.