Meet the Captains

Steven Logan




Kickabout Location: Preston

Position: Loitering at the back

Supports: Everton

Drink of choice: Lime and Lemonade with a Bourbon chaser

“TK has given me an outlet to be a lad again and to surround myself with like minded people”


Preston Thursday Kickabout-> 

Preston Monday Kickabout-> 

Paul Simpson



Kickabout Location: Aberdeen

Position: Centre half

Supports: Cove Rangers

Drink of choice: Jack Daniels and coke

“TK gives me an opportunity to meet and help new people through playing a sport I love”

Doug Mills



Kickabout Location: Preston

Position: Central Mid

Supports: Anyone but Everton

Dink of choice: Single Malt (18 yo)

“TK has given me the opportunity to get out the house and to use exercise to relieve stress, to socialise with new people and extend my friendship circle. TK is all inclusive so whether you're Millsie or Messi there's a place for you.”


Preston Thursday Kickabout -> 

Preston Monday Kickabout -> 



Nigel Morris



Kickabout Location: Kirkham/Warton

Position: Full back but will wander anywhere

Supports: Blackburn Rovers

Drink of choice: Staropramen (or other premium lager)

“I've watched T.K. evolve from a group of lads on a park into the community it is now, and it's amazing. It's made a huge difference in my life and I think its doing the same for others. The whole ethos of improving mental health and inclusivity is so important.”


Warton Kickabout ->

Kirkham Kickabout ->

Anthony Whelan



Kickabout Location: Buckshaw

Position: Mid field

Supports: Blackburn Rovers

Drink of choice: Golden Ales

“TK is my time, the one (sometimes two) sessions a week where I can catch up with friends and just be me. I love the inclusive environment across across all the venues I have been to.”


Buckshaw Kickabout ->

Ali Bamber



Kickabout Location: Fleetwood & Thornton-Cleveleys Kickabout.

Position: Centre Back / Striker

Supports: Preston North End

Drink of choice: Staropramen

“TeamKickabout has made me get outside and do a bit more with my life. Since joining in 2019 I feel a lot fitter and happier about myself”


Thornton-Cleveleys Kickabout ->

Aaron Bedford



Kickabout location: Wigan

Position: Centre Back

Supports: Liverpool FC,

Drink of choice: San Miguel

“Kickabout is space I can kick out the stress and frustrations of the week”


Preston Monday Kickabout ->

Thomas Bradley-Hall


Kickabout location: Kirkham

Position: Midfielder

Supports: Manchester United

Drink of choice: Bottle of coke

“Been one of the original four members it has been an honour to help other dads enjoy football again.

Giving them somewhere to escape every day life and enjoy football again”


Kirkham Kickabout ->

Graham Sims

Role: Community Director

Position: Centre Forward

Supports: Blackburn rovers

Drink of choice: Coka cola

“I started this because I wanted to get out the house and run about a bit now Seeing where Team Kickabout CIC is now is a very proud moment for me”


Chris Sladen



Location: Fleetwood

Position: Centre Back

Supports: Everton

Drink of choice: Peroni

“Team kickabout is my 'escape'. It gives me weekly exercise while also de stressing by playing a sport I absolutely love. The social side is good too as I've met many different people since I joined team kickabout.”


Phil Coverdale



Kickabout location: Skelmersdale

Position: Forward

Supports: Man United, and no, I don't wanna talk about it.

Drink of choice: Coke, Irn Bru or Mountain Dew.

“Highlight of the week for me... I hadn't met most of these guys before I got involved in Team Kickabout. I now see them all on a weekly basis and count them amongst my best friends”


Skelmersdale Kickabout ->

Will Richardson



Kickabout Location: Kirkham and Warton

Preferred Position: CDM

Team you support: Liverpool

Drink of choice: German Beer

“A great way to get out of the house and have sometime talking and playing football. Helped me recover from a surgery which I thought wouldn’t allow me to play football again. Met people I would genuinely call friends, and for that I’m eternally grateful”


Kirkham Kickabout ->

Warton Kickabout ->