Team Kickabout was founded by Dads, for Dads.

The idea is simple. We aim to offer Dads a stress-free environment to get out of the house, meet likeminded people, and have a laugh, all through the beautiful game of football.

We understand that when you become a father, it becomes hard work to organise all of your mates to be free at the same time for a proper match. So although playing football can be the one thing that brings you the most joy, the logistics of organising it get tougher and tougher as the responsibilities that life can throw at you pile up.  What we do is provide an outlet for all these individuals who fancy a game of footy, and do all the leg work to make it happen. Booking the pitch, getting the right amount of people down to make it work, balls, bibs, team selection, the lot.

Although we’re all Dads, we know that no two people are alike. We have a huge range of players that vary greatly in terms of weight, age and ability. There is no pressure to be at a certain level of fitness or skill. Kickabout is not a place where people offer judgment, only respect.

The good that team kickabout for Dads mental health is undoubtable, and as an organisation it continues to be one of our core focuses. Our rules and ethos are all in place to make Kickabout a stress-free environment where you can come down, kick a ball about and forget about the rest of the world for that hour (maybe a little longer if you fancy going for a dink after too!).

We have many Kickabouts taking place a week at venues all over the place. We have around 200 concurrent players who come to play each week and the vast majority of those players probably felt a little self-conscious on their first night, it’s only natural to feel that way about trying something new. But if you can take that leap, and come down for your first week, you’ll never look back.

We look forward to meeting you at your local Kickabout.