Meet the Team

The Ethos:

1)    Turn up, have fun

2)    This is an all-inclusive game, isolation of any individual player will not be tolerate

3)    Any anti-social behaviour based on race, religion or orientation will not be tolerated and you will be asked not to attend future events

4)    Make sure you pay before you play

5)    Correct footwear must be worn

6)    Let the organizer know of any injuries prior to playing

7)    Warm up before playing

8)    Make sure you bring a drink to stay hydrated

9)    No Bullying

10)    Be prepared for all types of weather

11)    Any injury or damage is your own responsibility

12)    Keep any and all tackles clean

13)    We may take photos or videos to use for promotional activities

14)    Check the pitch rules with the organizer before play


The Rules:

All captains are to uphold and enforce the rules of team kickabout at all times, these rules are to be followed and not changed to “fit” your play style. Team kickabout is a non-competitive organization must remain that way until we decide if we want a more competitive play style in the near future. I also cannot stress this enough these rules must and will followed by all players to create a safe environment for all dads and from all walks of life. There is no room for any kind of racism, bullying or generally any type of ill behaviour in team kickabout, any and all players who fail this must be removed and reported to team captains or members of the team kickabout staff as soon as possible.

The rules are different for most venues due to the different sizes of pitches.

Main rules to be followed by all venues are as follow

  • There is to be no slide tackling at all this is a non-negotiable rule remember that team kickabout has different levels of fitness among its members therefore do not use and abuse this fact, give hassle or pick on anyone for the way they play.
  • There are to be no arguments on or off the pitch this is a non-competitive place there is no need for shouting or arguments.
  • All captains are in charge of their respective venues and they have the final say, those who do not follow and continue to disrespect or disturb the game will be removed.
  • There is to be no aggressive tackling of any kind at any venue there is simply no need

The following rules will very between each site and its up to the captains to enforce these rules for the venue type

  • For 5,6 and 7 a side pitches, players can enter the box but can not shoot within that area. Headers are allowed as the only way to shoot within the box. to follow on to this if the keeper has both hands on the ball you are to move away and no fighting for it.
  • As we get to bigger pitches we can start moving to shooting within the box as this is the normal play style of these types of venues.
  • Keepers can come out of there area only if there are equal teams or the team that has lower numbers then the keeper may leave the box.
  • Some venues have wooden panels or metal fences take this into consideration when tackling another player as dangerous play can lead to injuries.