Covid 19 Risk Assesment

Covid 19 Risk Assesment


Equiptment used:

2 x Footballs

2 x Goalkeeper Gloves

10x Red Bibs

10 x Yellow Bibs

1 x Temperature Gun

2 x Bottles of sanitiser

2 x Packs of cleaning wipes


Session plan:

Players to arrive 10 mins separately and report to team captain where temperature will be taken and recored.

If anyone has a temperature or unwell they will be turned away.

Players to read and understand local facility guidelines.

Play to begin for allotted time

No celebrations

½ way through play to be suspended for drinks break and re sanitising of equiptment

At the end of the game no shaking hands and leave the facility whilst remaining a social distance of a min of 1m

At all times adhere to social distance guidelines