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Over the past two years Kickabout has gone from four guys on a field outside Deepdale stadium to something very special for a large group of dads around Lancashire. To date well over 100 people have taken part in Kickabouts across Lancashire.

The importance of these kickabouts goes way beyond simply playing football - it offers an easily accessable way for dads to get out and socialise and enjoy the mental health benefits of being part of an ongoing, regular event with a group of amazing people, each with their own story in life, all getting together to simply put the world out of their minds for an hour or so. Removing the stress and doubt of normal life for a short while and creating a regular part of their lives to loook forward to each week. Now, TeamKickabout exists as the lovechild between a dads support group (Dadsnet Lancs) and a community business service (TeamHQ).

TeamHQ trialled a donation system at the Kirkham Kickabout allowing dads to pay only a small doantion to play with TeamHQ covering the costs of the venue and equipment. This system proved very successful and will continue under TeamKickabout for all existing and new kickabouts.

TeamKickabout is now on a mission to bring the incredible benefits of regularly meeting with other dads to kick out doubt and kick out stress across all of the North West. This will happen through corporate sponsorship, fundraising and, most importantly, with the help of its community through donations.

Applications are in with The National Lottery and other organisations and several corporate sponsors are coming on board.

Please donate if you can to make the dream of Kickabouts being available across all of the North West a reality.
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